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Generic Accounts


Departmental/Project Account:

A generic department/project account provides the ability to have one central account (e-mail address) that multiple authorized users may access. A generic department/project account name should contain some association with your department/school/project name (e.g., TSCOURSES for Technology Services Courses) and can be no more than 13 characters in length.

Student Worker Account:

Generic student worker accounts should be created to provide delegated access to email and/or calendars or, a Google resource/calendar in the faculty and staff Google Apps domain.

Google Group:

A Google Group is an online environment for discussing items related to a specific subject, such as Google Training or a university or departmental committee. Members are added to the Google Group by the owner of the Group, and the Google Group will be assigned a specific email address. A Google Group can contain multiple topics. Topics are different discussions related to the Group's subject and can contain multiple posts. Posts are replies from readers to the topic.