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G Suite Training

What is G Suite Training?

An interactive training system for your VCU Google account that will help you learn how to use Google Apps right in the Chrome browser! Each Google App has a different set of training tutorials customized for the app.

How do I get G Suite Training?

If G Suite Training is already installed in your Chrome Browser, a link for Training should appear next to the Google Search bar.

Synergyse Location

If it isn't installed, click here ( for information on how to get started.

I don't use Google Chrome. Can I still view the training videos?

While Collaboration Services recommends using Google Chrome for the best experience using appsforVCU, there is a video training portal available for non-Chrome browsers that can be accessed here:

What apps are offered?

G Suite Training is available for Classroom, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Hangouts. Google Groups and Google+.

I don't have time to dedicate to watching "how to" videos!

Each short lesson plays right in your Chrome browser. Easily search for the topic you need. In less than five minutes, you can find answers to the most common question about G Suite Apps.

Google is always adding something new, how can I keep up?

Automatic updates for all future features & apps! G Suite Training will update its content with the latest Google content.

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

Email with your question, the Collaboration Services team will get back to you.