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Sharing Between Faculty, Staff and Students

Below are some things that you will need to be aware of if you are trying to set up sharing within a Google app between the faculty/staff Google domain ( and the student Google domain ( Faculty/Staff are on a different domain because faculty and staff are covered by the Message Discovery and Security functionality that does not pertain to students.

Google Calendar

Restriction: If you share a calendar created via a faculty/staff account with a student account the only option you can assign to the student account is "See only free/busy."

If you need to share with a student employee, Collaboration Services will create student worker accounts in the faculty/staff Google domain which will allow student employees to have access to resources for sharing calendars.

Google Gmail

Restriction: Faculty/staff email accounts cannot be delegated to student email accounts.

If you need to delegate an email account with a student employee, Collaboration Services will create a student worker account in the faculty/staff Google domain that will allow delegation with the student worker.

Google Groups

Restriction: Groups created in the faculty/staff domain can add new users to the group by email invitation and direct add option for users with faculty/staff account. Students can only be added by the 'direct' method to a Google group in the faculty/staff domain. Please read the Add members to your Google Group for how to add students to a group in the faculty/staff Google domain.


Google+ is available in both the faculty/staff domain and the student domain. There are restrictions for faculty/staff in some university departments, and Google+ may not be available to those faculty/staff members.

Google Drive/Docs

Note: Google Docs created in Google Drive can be shared between faculty/staff accounts and student Google accounts. If a faculty/staff shares a Google Doc outside of the faculty/staff domain, the faculty/staff will see a message that says: "email address is not in the Google Apps organization that this item belongs to. Are you sure you would like to share with this address? Yes or No." Click "Yes" to share. For specific information on sharing with students click here.

Google Forms

Google Forms may be shared between faculty/staff accounts and student Google accounts.  If a faculty/staff creates a form requiring authentication, additional steps are involved.  Students must sign into their VCU email account prior to accessing the VCU Google form.  For specific information, review this document.

Google Sites

Google Sites can be shared between faculty/staff Google accounts and student Google accounts.


If you have any questions, please email the IT Support Center or call 804.828.2227.