New Gmail compose formatting and download options

January 30, 2019

What’s changing

Google is adding three new features to Gmail:

  • Shortcut to undo/redo in the compose window
  • Shortcut to strikethrough text
  • Ability to download messages as .EML files in rfc822 format from Gmail on the web


Who’s impacted

Web users


Why you’d use it

  • Undo/Redo: You will now have the undo/redo option in the compose window.
  • Strikethrough: Strikethrough is a visual cue that something has been completed or can be used as an edit suggestion.
  • Download as .EML: This format is recognized by other email clients, allowing you to view the Gmail content along with attachments within these clients. Also, with this functionality users can now add these downloaded messages as attachments in their emails.


When you will we see this change


Google will start the Rollout on 1/28/19, and you can expect to see it sometime after that date.

How to Proceed

  • End users - new compose formatting: Click on the formatting menu in the Gmail compose window.

  • End users - new download format: Open the overflow (three dots) menu and select “Download message.”

Where to Go for Help