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Generic Account Help

Information on how to use your Google Apps generic email account can be found below.

The owner of a generic account can change the password to the account at any time.  The owner is also the only person that can change certain settings for the account including delegation.  The owner must sign directly into the account to change these account settings.

You can delegate access to your generic account email to another person or people so they can read, send, and delete messages on behalf of the generic account. Delegated access does not give the person the rights to change settings or chat via Hangouts on behalf of the generic account. You can delegate access to a maximum of 25 users. 

Email Delegation Instructions:

Delegate email access to another person
Accept or reject an account delegation invitation
Locate the generic email account once it has been delegated Remove delegate email access from a person


You can give another user access to your generic account calendar.  You decide on the level of access that the other user has to your calendar.

Calendar Delegation Instructions:

Delegate calendar access to another person
Locate the generic account's calendar once it has been delegated

You can have your emails automatically forwarded to your generic account. You can forward all of your new messages, or just specific kinds of messages. Spam messages aren't included when you choose to forward all new mail.


Forward email to other accounts

If you are the owner of a generic account, create a Google Chrome profile for easy access to all of the generic account's resources (Mail, Calendar, Drive, etc.) without using the incognito window or logging out of your own eID.